HAPPY BEAVER SIGNS                  

                                                                          POTENTIAL VENDORS     

Nowhere on this site are the prices mentioned. This allows merchants 
                                      and vendors the opportunity to  use this site for sales  purposes without competing 
                                     with  our prices. Orders can be taken and relayed to me via e-mail. The order would
                                       then be processed by us and either drop shipped to the vendor, or directly to the 
                                          customer. Payment could be made to us on line or if sent to a vendor, C.O.D.

                                   There are many types of vendors that could benefit from this service:

                                                            * Campgrounds                                    * Camper retailers   
RV supply                                   * "Outdoor" Retailers     

                                                * Specialty Stores                                  * Flea Market Vendors
                                                            * Craft Show Vendors                         * Train Stores
                                                            *  Garden Shops                                    * Barn / Shed Sales                   
                                                * Golf Shops                                           * Tavern Supply

                                  *** School and Fraternal groups  (signs can be painted school colors or with school and 
                                                                                            Fraternal mascots).

                            The above samples are mounted on a back board which measures 12" x 24"  with order
                                                                    forms or could  shown as a sample by itself.




                                                                  Contact information: signman_dan@yahoo.com

                                                                         *** Gift Certificates are available ***

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